Welcome to the Rediscovering Children Learning Community!
The Rediscovering Children Learning Community is a community of child care and early learning partners who come together to explore topics related to working with young children, families, and staff.  You may be exploring the Learning Community based upon your own desire to learn and grow, in order to complete required training hours, or for other reasons.  Whatever the reason, you are WELCOME!  If you must earn credit for your participation, please visit the Programs and Services section of this page for more details.
We believe that every learner brings their own history and understanding to the learning community.  Our goal is to help members understand that history, to explore new possibilities, to interact with other learners, and to build new knowledge.
It is not our goal to teach you or to tell you what we know.  When at all possible, we encourage creative responses and reflections from the learning community, even if it means that you might take the material in a new direction that we had not thought of!
We strive to include enrichment activities that extend members knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live and work.  Whenever possible, we work to share the thoughts and experiences of our members so that all can learn.
Rediscovering Children LLC is built around the goal of improving the quality of early childhood care and education by supporting the professional growth of the adults who care for and educate young children.  This is accomplished through consultation, face to face training, online learning communities, Facebook interactions, professional publications, and more!  Online payment using your debit or credit card is easy through a PayPal "pay now" button!
This work is not about what we can teach you, but instead it is about what we can learn together.  You are always welcome to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences!

- Dr. Cheryl Priest
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